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To Fantasy or to Science Fiction? That is the question.

To which I say, why not both?

I release email-based updates that provide readers with notices about my fiction and other such things. Fill out this nifty little form and I promise to also send you a copy of:

Glamour of the God-Touched, the novelette that is Volume 1 of Saga of the God-touched Mage

Starcruise, a short story set in the Stealing the Sun universe

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  1. Dear Sir:
    I just read “A Gathering of Bones. Have you ever considered expand the story? If you already have done so could you please let me know the title?

    Thank you for your stories.

    Maurice McLey

  2. Hi, Maurice. Sorry for my delay here. I haven’t built on “A Gathering of Bones,” but I can certainly see the possibility there. I have a have a few things on my To Do list, but I like the way you’re thinking. 🙂

    Thanks for asking about it.

  3. Hi Ron,
    It’s 4:00am, and I just finished your God Touched Saga on my Kindle. Loved it! Just two items that would have made it perfect: [ Edited by Ron to Remove Spoilers! ] Love your stuff! I am looking forward to reading more of your stories
    Thank you,
    Kim J.

  4. Kim J. certainly may have left a spoiler alert. I am thinking of purchasing the amazingly low cost octology. ANALOG writers are astoundingly like hard science fiction writers. I subscribe to ANALOG but do not read it much — sigh. I like real fantasy. But I liked “Master of the Five Magics” by Lyndon Hardy. Scientific fantasy could be good. It could even merge with magical realism. Well, why agonize over twelve or fourteen dollars for eight books! I just hope I can read them among the very large list of books to read. Then there are all those books already published. Truth be told — I was browsing Kobo and looking for books to buy and came upon fantasy and a button to click. Eventually arrived at Ron Collins home page. Very little web presence or someone is doing advertising emphasis for Christmas time. Well, I shall bite the bullet and purchase the series.

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  6. Thank you for taking the plunge and sharing what you write! Your wife must be an amazing person in supporting you! As every great leader has learned; otherwise it’s the husband

    Live long and Prosper

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  9. Hi, just finished reading Stealing the Sun, fantastic book I hope that the rest of the series is as good as I intend to read them all. Well done, and keep writing please!

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