Book Covers - Home Run Enchanted

Strike thrice upon the bone-white plate, and you may call home some bloodthirsty fate.

Do you believe in fairies?

What about baseball magic?

Home Run Enchanted, the first book in the brand-new Fairies and Fastballs series by father-daughter team Ron and Brigid Collins, introduces readers to a world where the magic of baseball and the tricks of the fey meet up for a double-header like no other.


A space-based science fiction series from frequent Analog contributor and bestselling SF and dark fantasy author Ron Collins

Book Cover - STARFLIGHT, Stealing the Sun, Book One

“Ron Collins is one of our best hard science fiction writers”
– Robert J. Sawyer
Hugo and Nebula Award-Winning

“Great characters I cared about, a kick-ass plot with surprising twists, great techie details, and a powerful story. Pick up Starburst. I guarantee you won’t set it down until you’ve read every last word.”

Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Hugo Award-winning author of the Diving Universe

“Ron Collins covers the spectrum with clear prose, compelling characters and settings, and a bright imagination.”

Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of ETERNITY’S MIND

“STARCLASH proves once again that Ron Collins is a master of the science fiction adventure story-not the crazy stuff you remember from the pulps, but the kind of interstellar adventure that has believable characters, plotting that makes sense, and a future that rings true.”

Mike Resnick, Hugo Award-winning author of Kirinyaga

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