They Came Back: Stories from The Radius

I’m excited to let folks know that I’ve got another Kickstarter project coming soon! Since Kickstarter isn’t always everyone’s starting place, I thought I’d take a moment to chat about it here because … well … because, for reasons that may become obvious, this collection holds a particularly special place in my heart.

What is it, you ask? Well, here’s a little summary


Rediscover the earliest works of bestselling science fiction author Ron Collins in They Came Back, a captivating collection of newly unearthed stories, each originally published in the pages of Radius, one of the first digital magazines to ever exist.

“The Spearhead” – In a world of galactic intrigue, what does it mean to be a patriot?
“Night School” – High schools are futuristic combat zones, the students soldiers. Prestige is only a raid away.
“A Corner of the Mind” – Jack, an extra-talented young boy, faces his first Christmas since losing his mother in a devastating space accident.

Plus Two Original Stories!

Time is a tricky thing, you know? 

Only three Ron Collins stories graced pixels in Radius, so imagine my surprise when my reach into that well of time came back with two more! These additional stories are completely original and never-before published. One came back from my most distant school days, and the last is a time-warped retelling of that tale augmented by advice from that same distant past (my teachers!).

Step through time to encounter “The Robbery,” a western heist adventure presented in its glorious entirety, then — with the wisdom of experience and advice from former teachers — reimagined to delightful effect in “The Hero.”

They Came Back is a collection that ignites the imagination and illuminates the past.

Illustrated by the Author

Exclusive to Kickstarter!

I got so excited by this idea that I found myself steeping in it. Out popped a collection of digital art that I absolutely loved. Once I saw it, I knew I had to include it in the book.

So I have!

Each story comes illustrated with digital artwork made with my own two hands (well, and via some stock art, and some playing with the tools, and other assorted magic). Some are pretty straightforward, others surprised me quite a bit. But I love them all!

In addition, since I love the personal feeling I get from crowdfunding projects, when the idea for They Came Back first hit me, I knew I needed to do this on Kickstarter. As such, I’m going to ensure that backing this project will give you a true exclusive.

Assuming this project funds, you will not find this book available for at least a year after its close date.

Book Specs

  • Hardcover (5.5 x 8.5 trim size, 98 pages)
  • Paperback (5.06 x 7.81 trim size, 112 pages)
  • Full-color printing
  • Digital (includes full-color illustrations)
  • Every Backer Gets Their Name in the Book as a special thank you!
  • Print version shipped to UK, Canada, the EU, and Australia

Stretch Goals and Add-ons

There will, of course, be more to the project, but I’ll leave those details for when we actually launch. Just know they’ll be fun!

In other words, this limited-edition volume is a true project of the heart. Thank you for any support you can give it!