Fairies & Fastballs

What would happen if a high school baseball field were built directly over a fairy ring?

Book 1: Home Run Enchanted (MLB Opening Day, 2023)

Book 2: Curveball Cursed (MLB All-Star Break)

Book 3: Outfield Magiked (MLB Playoffs)

Strike thrice upon the bone-white plate, call to home some bloodthirsty fate.

Do you believe in fairies?

What about baseball magic?

Opening day of senior season, and Emily DeWitt, star pitcher of the lowly Pattersonville High School Unicorns, despairs of ever winning a game, let alone attracting college scouts. Especially with archrival Callie McMasters showing her up at every base.

But Unicorn Field, built on an ancient fairy ring, has plans of its own.

When Emily finds herself trapped in the Fairy Realm, the downtrodden Small Folk convince her to join forces.

To win her way back home, she’ll have to do the impossible — propel her team of underdog fairies through the Fairy Realm Series and defeat the unbeatable Unseelie Queen and her Designated Hitter.