Face the Strange

Edited by Ron Collins and Brigid Collins, Face the Strange includes:

“This Salty Air” – Alexandra Brandt
“Paperwork To Come” – Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“Dominion” – Monalisa Foster
“Woolen Torment” – Michael Warren Lucas
“Love Craft” – Loren L. Coleman
“Punch” – T. Thorn Coyle
“Who I Am” – David H. Hendrickson
“Us vs. Them” – Ron Colins & Brigid Collins
“Lump of Clay” – Lee Allred

When strangers from vastly different backgrounds collide, the potential fallouts are infinite. Mayhem, destruction, and domination. Cooperation, friendship, and even love.

Within these pages you’ll find stories of man vs. man, sapient vs. sapient, and culture vs. culture. These tales span the entire spectrum from political strife among the far-flung stars to the mundane horror of Earthly paperwork. But whether the stories take place in the stars, or in worlds touched by elemental magic, or even in the brother-vs-brother milieu of the American Civil War, you can be sure the characters involved will be as strange to one another as they can imagine.