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It’s 2013 and the face of baseball has changed.  The MLB is long-gone after imploding under the weight of the Juicing Wars and a bloody collective bargaining agreement fiasco that destroyed fan confidence, and into its place the Planetary Extreme Baseball Association has sprung into existence.

Short Story
The Triple Play!


Casey Neal and his buddy Don-o are fresh-faced college graduates unencumbered by nasty commitments like summer jobs or girlfriends. On a lark they decide to tour every big-league park in the PEBA, and find themselves caught up in a dangerous web of intrigue and scandal that threatens the very heart of professional baseball itself.

“See The PEBA on $25 a Day, the Diary of a Fresh-faced College Graduate” is a new novel by Ron Collins that follows Casey and Don-o through all their adventures.



Fraud, deceit, and greed.

They have already changed the face of baseball in Japan, and are threatening to engulf the sport across the world. Six seasons have passed since Casey Neal and his friend Don-o saved the game in the United States. Now Don-o is gone, and Casey is a baseball reporter who is alone and trying once again to find himself, all while immersed in a culture he doesn’t understand.

While he chases the story, discovers fellow baseball fans in Japan’s chief inspector Yuni Ichihara, and Diaki Matsui (a metal worker from Tokyo’s industrial complex). Together they deal with such strangeness as international organized crime rings, Yōkai spirits, quantum physics, and … well … pickled everything.

This time the stakes are global.

Can Casey’s team manage to save baseball once again?



Inspector Yuni Ichihara loves his local baseball team, but when his phone rings one morning it puts him on a case that will send him to the darkest places of that love. Inspector Ichihara has faith in his city, you see? He has hopes for his team. But can he believe in himself?


Ron Collins grew up in the baseball Bermuda Triangle made up by Chicago, Cincinnati, and St. Louis.  At various times has considered himself a fan of the Cubs, Reds, and Cardinals.  Yes, the Cubs and the Cardinals.  Go figure.  He’s been a baseball fan for as long as he can remember, which is longer than he would like to admit.

Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP) is not a game. Seriously, it’s not. All those hours spent playing it … er, working on it … uh … well. Hmmm. Okay, look, OOTP is a baseball simulation that models everything from player skillsets and personalities to the influence of rain and park dimensions and GM decisions. It is close to running a real baseball team as you’re likely to get unless you’ve got a spare half-a-billion dollars sitting around somewhere. If you’re a baseball fan, you owe it to yourself to give it a whirl.

Ron has been a member of the OOTP community for the past eight years, and has contributed several ideas to the community.


The PEBA is a world-wide Online OOTP league.  The story in this book is told in and around the PEBA’s 2013 season.  My thanks go to the commissioner and the rest of the PEBA ownership for their support and encouragement in putting this project together.  You might wander over and check them out!


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