Half the Way There

I apologize to you few who are out there reading, but I just didn’t get time to improve on my weak-bottomed entry yesterday. Sorry.

Not that today’s will be much better. [grin]

I’m working heavily on the Bodin collaboration right now. John’s done a bunch of work getting it to a spot, and now I’m trying to take it a bit further before doing the tag-you’re-it thing. The problem is that where I want to go has required me to go back and tweak a bit of what John wrote–we do that a lot…two steps forward, three back. Whoever said collaborating was double the work for half the pay wasn’t far off.

But, honestly, you collaborate for fun. Or, at least that’s what I’ve done in the past, anyway. And John’s a fun writer to work with. He’s a idea pack-rat, and full of interesting tid-bits. I never know what he’s going to get around to.

On the other hand, this story has been a bit more messy than the other two we’ve done. It hasn’t been as focused, and we’re discovering the plot as we go. This is a hard way to write as an individual, and requires even more patience while collaborating.


Regardless, I think we’re about at the halfway point.


Have a great day.

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