Structuring My Day

I’m developing a new story, and it’s coming along. I should note that I’m working in a structured fashion again with mornings dedicated (for the most part) to creating new words. I had gone away from that for quite awhile, with results that are predictable for me.

This is important to me because I’ve allowed work to become a monster that has eaten all my time for many months. While I’m sure it makes sense to the general public, it doesn’t much help me any. Despite the fact that I’m pretty good at it, I don’t consider myself a corporate worker. That’s not what I get my internal self-worth from–or, at least it’s not where I get the most important elements of my self worth from.

Work is a big collaboration, you see? It’s fun in the sense that you’re building something with other people that you could never build yourself. But like a writing collaboration, its like twice the work for half the reward. Writing is all internal. It’s mine. No one can make me change anything, and only the reader and I an decide if it’s good or not (editors are, of course, a class of reader).

In addition, I’ve found I need to work in my basement. At least that’s what’s going on now. A few months back, Lisa and I bought laptops and wireless router for us to use wherever we wanted. It’s cool, of course. And useful. My thought was that I could probably write while vegging in front of the TV, or whatever. This was pure and total fancy, and the fact that I thought it would work goes to explain exactly how far out of reality I had gotten. Write while watching American Idol? Yeah, right.

As soon as I got my butt planted downstairs, though, the WordWerks started to flow again.

Now, I’ll fully admit that the NCAA tournament has stepped into the mix this past weekend, and will probably continue to do so until my beloved Cards are no longer playing. But I can deal with that.

Louisville basketball has its power. That cannot be denied. 🙂

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