On Stranglehold and Relativity

It’s fair enough to say that the first draft of “Holes in the Ground” is complete–though I’ve decided its new title is “Ellipses…” We’ll see how that works for a bit. I think I like it. As can happen, finishing this draft has caused me a little set-back because I learned a little more about the main character as the story ended. I’m planning to spend the morning tomorrow going back to through it to adjust the overall voice of the piece. I’ve also got to straighten out a few nits in the last scene.

So it’s fair to say the draft is done. But it’s a day or two away from calling it a real story.


On another front, I figure I’ve got to be about the only person in the world to have driven into work and back home every day the last week while listening to Ted Nugent’s Stranglehold as included on his Double Live Gonzo album.

Let’s not get caught up in his politics or his world opinions right now, mmm-k? The song is a total rock guitar animal, and it takes me back to the day. That’s all I need for now.

In addition to those reasons, I chose it Monday morning because I noticed it runs just over ten minutes on my i-Tunes screen, and I wondered if it would last that exact distance or not. So I loaded up the iPod and hit play as I got into my car. As luck would have it, the song finished exactly as I rolled into my parking slot. So I tried it on the way home. I had about thirty seconds left on the tune when I got home, which used on my way to the mail box.

Same thing happened Tuesday. Wednesday, was the same except the trip home was delayed by an accident, so it doesn’t count. Thursday and Friday were the same, too.

So I think it’s fair to say that time drags on when I’m going to work. Call it Collins’s Corporate Theory of Relativity. As if you needed proof.

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