Do the Work

Good progress so far this week.

It’s a simple equation: do the work. It’s part of a phrase a co-worker and I came up with to keep spirits up on times of high stress, but it fits here–no matter what, do the work and things work out.


In my case, doing the work each morning has resulted in the following progress: “Ellipses…” is now finished, and I’ve made a great and very exciting jump to a new beginning for the novel I’ve been working on for a bit. A few posts back I noted that I knew it didn’t start in the right way, but it feels right now, and the basic structure of the story is fully formed in my mind.

I’ve noticed something else as I’ve gotten back to a more disciplined approach to managing my morning time: I’m watching visual entertainment with a strong eye to story construction again. At one point, I had gotten to the point where I couldn’t watch television or movies without deconstructing the plot. This is back in full force it seems. I really noticed it recently while watching Matt Damon in Informant!, though it’s been coming for some time.

I like this a lot.

It makes me feel closer to the work.

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