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So, among other things, I’ve been trying to increase my reading lately. In the past month I’ve gone back and read Bruce Sterling’s Holy Fire, and now I’m a couple hundred pages into Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomicon–which, of course, means that I’ve got about 25 gazillion pages to go. I’ve also read a bunch of short stuff, mostly on the web. And Batman, let’s not forget Batman. Brigid, my daughter for any new folks out there, got me a hardbound book for Christmas that has the entire first year of Batman’s run.

Very cool.

I wanted to mention one story, because I think it was particularly interesting. It’s a short piece from Beth Cato titled Biding Time. It was published in The Pedestal. A nice little tale that manages to gently weave in its sfnal element to a chilling effect while being all about people. I don’t know Beth Cato, and haven’t read anything else by her. So this was a pleasant surprise. I’m mentioning it here because of all the stories I’ve read recently, this is one that’s stayed with me for a bit.

So, I dunno. Maybe it says more about me than the story. But I think it’s worth a look.

I don’t belong to SFWA these days, but if I did I would be sending it a Neb nomination.

In my own little world, In addition to all that reading I’m back scouring one of my novels. I decided it needed a different personality, which required a new front end, and a tune up. I’m about a third of the way through now, though I think most of the hard work is done. Now I’m mostly line editing and looking for the stray tendril that no longer fits.

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  1. Google Alerts informed me of your post here. Thank you so much, Ron, for your kind words about “Biding Time.” It’s rewarding (and a bit awing) to see people touched by my writing.

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