Another Draft 1 Bites the Dust

I finished the first draft D-Dad, the short story I mentioned yesterday.  It registers now at 3200 words, and probably needs to be a touch shorter–the back end is a bit loose.  But overall, I’m happy with it.  The idea came as a response to a classic story I listened to while at the gym a few weeks back.  I took the basic premise and placed it in a totally different situation (the original is not science fiction, and this most definitely is) with somewhat different characters, then just let the process flow.

I was surprised at times at where the characters sent me.

Part of the joy of creation, I suppose.

As always, the title may change after the final tale settles on me a bit.  That’s how it seems to be working right now.  The working title gives me a push-off, then I come along and clean up behind the process to give it a face lift.

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