Preparing for Success

Finished the read-through of my Book 2 draft. Still like it quite a bit, which doesn’t suck and all that.

The main reason I decided to to a power-read on it was to take a look at the outline. I envision this story to happen over as many as six or eight books now, none of which do I intend to be big old doorstops…and, yes, I know that’s not exactly marketing wisdom speaking, but what the heck. I’ll change my tune when the book contract hits. [grin] Anyway, I felt I needed to read through the draft because I’ve got a sketchy, episodic outline developed to act as a loose guideline for things, and I wanted to see how well the outline was standing up.

The verdict: Well, it needs a little adjustment. Not tons, but a little. In addition, I’m thinking the working title I was using for this book is probably better served to cover what might eventually be book 3. We shall see, though.

Anyway, the main thinking here is that I want to be prepared to respond if/when someone has interest in book 1. Hey, it never hurts to be prepared for success.

And now I am. Well, almost anyway. Just gotta make a few edits to the outline, and then I’ll be there.

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