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The last two days have been business days, meaning I’ve put submissions together and got things in the mail. This also includes some final work on tax paperwork I needed to prepare that was not related to writing in any way. Always much fun.

I tend to batch my business days like this rather than do them a little at a time–though I’ll say that the prevalence of publications that accept electronic submissions has helped this quite a bit. I can do the business end when my creative side is tired, or in other words while I’m perched on the couch in front of the TV at night.

But I digress a bit.

I’ve mentioned that Lisa and I are going to the health club quite a bit, and that I’ve been podcasting-out while treadmilling and lifting and doing all sorts of other physical damage to my body. My latest dwelling spot is a collection of Don Swaim’s interviews on the Wired for Words website. These interviews had been broadcast as part of CBS’s Book Beat. Nothing better than listening to hundreds of writers talk about … well … about stuff.

Highly recommended.

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