Tobias Buckell Makes Time Fly

After a very brief writing stint this morning, we went to the gym for our traditional three-hour torture test. Among the items I spent the time listening to this time was A Jar of Goodwill, by Tobias Buckell. It’s just been published in audio form by Clarkesworld this month.

It’s a really nice piece that touches on humanity, business, gender and sexuality, and the differentiation of species in a far-future setting.

I very much enjoyed it, and I thank Tobias and this piece for making an hour of weights and treadmill walking go by in what seemed to be a few moments.

Now we’re on to lunch, and–if I get my motivation kick-started again–back to the manuscript I was working on.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I’m tickled by the really nice mail/comments I’ve gotten for this piece!

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