Easy Writing

Okay, here is a sentence I never thought I would ever type.

I’m finding Frank Sinatra music is easy to write to.

Yes, me. Frank Sinatra. Got a problem with that? I guess it’s all those 4-4 beats and jaunty melodies, but it just kind of keeps the fingers going–at least it did this morning. I write with music on, but the sound down low so that the lyrics don’t jumble my brain too much. Actually, I write to a lot of classical stuff, too. I assume it’s not too unusual to write with music on in the background, but I’m willing to bet that I’m in a pretty big minority with the Voice today.

Just my little Ron-fact of the moment.

Progress: Officially completed the pilot bit as far as the novel is concerned. I think I need to add a small transition scene to it if I want to make it into a true short story, which I may do tomorrow. But for now it feels good to be done with this portion of the work. It grew to a considerably bigger project than I had first envisioned.

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