One Draft, Kinda Finished

Earlier this afternoon, I formally finished the rewrite of this novel, which makes me very happy. Even better, now that I’ve had my hands deeply inside it for a bit, I have set aside a total of four notes that I’m not overly happy about, and plan to work on a bit–all four of them are tiny. This makes sense, I guess, because if they were big things I would have sorted them out as I was working on the area.

But they are small, so I’m figuring this thing should be ready for market sometime next week.

I celebrated by mowing the grass, then spending the evening playing with the new toy Lisa got me for my birthday–a spiffy new Kindle 2. I’ve been fiddling with various formats and loading and unloading stories. Much fun. I want credit for being very, very good, too…my Kindle was delivered at lunchtime, and I did not allow it to keep me from finishing the rewrite.

Yay me!

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  1. Kindles are great fun! I went for the Nook myself, because I R blind and needed a larger screen. Enjoy your new toy. And an early Happy Birthday to you (not til Sunday, I know). : P

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