Collecting Up the Collection

So I spent the day working on the collection. I’m having a blast putting it all together. I haven’t gone back and read these stories in quite some time, and I’m finding lots of great memories buried in them. I’ve had a couple laugh-out-loud moments (in good ways), and have just had a generally fun time letting myself enjoy the process. It’s a strangely voyeuristic activity.

In the process of reading through them, I’ve decided to adjust the order of appearance a bit, but I think the stories themselves are probably solid–no adds or subtractions. Once I deliver the manuscript I’ll post the presumptive TOC. I’ve also decided that I’m going to include a few personal notes regarding each story, and I’ve written material for each of the stories I’ve decided to include. They–like all things I write–will certainly need a second pass.

Of course, I still need a title. So appropriate, eh?

Other than that, it’s just a lazy Saturday evening at the Collins household.

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