A Three-Day Thaw

Three long days at the “real job” put a serious damper on my productivity since Monday. Hey, such is life.

I did get a bit of work done on the third novel rewrite, and I finished reading a novel I picked up because I was interested in the “free books” movement that’s obviously going around. Perhaps I’ll talk about that a bit here in a while. Not that my opinion counts for much, there. After my little step away, I sometimes feel like an ice man who’s just been dethawed.

Working on that, though. And it’s coming around, slowly but surely.

Lisa and I also watched the end of FlashForward. Interesting show, but in my opinion it was horribly morphed from the book. Apparently, the idea of using a scientist as the main character is anathema to the major channels. Shame, really. So instead of having a spiffy, smart story that really explored SFnal concepts, they created a predictable story about an FBI guy (and an FBI) who couldn’t detect their way out of a paper bag.

So count me among those who loved the book and thought the show was merely interesting for its anthropological place in the SF chain of things.

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