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So I’ve been slowly-but-surely working on this new book of mine. It’s a difficult little puzzle for me–not quite a classic storyline. I have no idea if it’s commercial or not-commercial or what. All I know is that it’s an interesting puzzle, and it’s beginning to take some sort of shape that I kind of like.

It’s a strange mix, though, coming at me in bits and pieces. I have actually plotted it (if such a story line can actually be plotted) a couple times, but it keeps changing on me.

Such as this morning, when I sat down and came up with about three-hundred words that just don’t seem to fit anywhere. I decided to write these words because the opening sentence had been bugging me for two days, and I didn’t think I was going to be able to get another word out if I didn’t write this down.

The first sentence led to the second, and then the third, of course. But then I realized it wasn’t right, and went back to touch it up. And it was like that all morning. I can get a good 1,00-1,500 words a morning done when I’m moving, and I felt like I was moving most the morning, but I ended up with only the 300. But they are an intriguing 300. And now I’m left to wonder what they are. Is it the beginning of a separate short story, or is this character asking for entry into the book? Is it a different book?

I wonder if this is what an archaeologist feels like when he digs up a new bone?

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