PEBA Progress/Black Swan

  • Draft done: check
  • Copy edit by wonderful wife done: check
  • Modifications made: check

So, yeah, things are moving along quite nicely at the moment. Novels are like that for me. They seem like they’re stuck in stasis forever, and then everything happens almost all at once, and I feel this mad-dash desire to just get every step done at the same time.


We went out and saw Black Swan last night.  It’s an intriguing film–the kind of film that makes me wake up the next morning thinking about it.  I’m not going to say much of anything about the story itself because I’m not that kind of person.  I get really, really bothered when someone starts to talk about movies or books.  But I’ll say that Natalie Portman clearly deserves the buzz she’s getting, and she gets outstanding help from her supporting cast.

If you give yourself to this film, if you’re willing to just go where it goes, it’ll give you a ride unlike many others.

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