Britney Spears does SF?

Since it’s in the title, I should probably lead with it … so here it is: Britney Spears does SF?


Since I’m in the media frame of mind, I’m currently reading a pair of books–Stephen King’s Full Dark, No Stars, and a “Best of” collection of Edmund Hamilton’s work.

King’s work is great, of course.  He’s really a no bullshit storyteller of the best cut.  Hamilton’s collection is interesting in the historical sense, and from the point of view that you can really see him maturing over time.  Perhaps you can say that about the field, too.  The collection spans stories over some four decades.

With the field literally exploding with uncertainty over almost every aspect of the future, I think it’s valuable to look backward, too.


So, in theme of looking backward, I’m apparently in a bit of a retro mood this AM (and last). I’ve had Sarah McLachlan on the iTunes as I write.  Can I call Sarah McLachlan retro?  I guess I can, eh?  Retro is what I point to when I say “retro!”

Regardless, the story I’m working on is flowing pretty well, still. Main characters introduced, conflict kinda set up and ready to get deeper. Fun being had.

But now it’s off to work.  Have a great day!

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