Idea Walks?

The story I mentioned in the Oct 5 entry is nearing the end. It has a new title, which I like considerably more, and the framework of the whole thing works better. It may need one more element. We’ll see. It stands on its own pretty well now, though. So that’s progress.

While the weather is nice here in Indiana, I’ve taken to attempting lunchtime walks–meaning I try to eat at my desk while working, then if I get time I use my actual break time to walk. There’s a nice park right next to my office building that’s ready-made for this. If I get a chance today I’ll take my little story with me and read it aloud. That’s always fun, though I have to be careful about reading too loud and making people think I’m just crazy.

Maybe that’s why people stray away from me while I’m walking, you think? [grin]

In all seriousness, though, I find that these walks do a few things. First, they get my blood pumping after a morning in corporate America–always a good thing. I come back with more energy, at least. They also get me out of the box. Walking outside gives me something different to look at, and seems to let my brain reset. It’s amazing how many times I come back from a lunchtime walk with a new answer to a problem that I’ve been working on and find that this answer is perfect. Perhaps I should call these idea walks. Sounds good to me.

Anyway, I’m asking myself right now to dig deeper into the story–I’m asking myself what the story really means to the main character. I think the plot, and the depth of character, as they stand now do a good job for the reader, but I’m feeling that if I can go that extra half-step it would raise the thing in its entirety from being a solid piece of work that’s fun to read to being a truly “good story.”

And so I’ll throw this question on the back of the stack right now, and let it bubble up during the lunchtime walk and we’ll see what comes of it.

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