Okay. I’ve avoided this long enough. This morning was spent going back to the novel project I set aside a couple months back. I’ve used the old “got to get a short story done” excuse a few times, and I’ve used the “got to read someone else’s stuff” excuse (just this morning, even). I’ve used the “I have day-job work to do” excuse way too often. Today was about just doing it.

And so I opened the hood and peered in and got to work.

I think one of the problems I have with this one is that in the root of my mind I think it has the chance to be something special. I’ve written a few novel-length works, all fairly standard fares. Good stories (I think), but not particularly unique beyond the events of the stories themselves. But this one is different. I’m not sure I’m good enough to write it as it needs to be written, and so it’s been easier to just let it sit there.

Strange, isn’t it, this writing thing?

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