Wife = Awesome

File this under: “My wife is Awesome”

The set-up — I write all morning, and then we go work out together. Walk to the club, 45 minutes hard at the weights, walk back. We’re both pretty tired when we make lunch and veg out a bit eating it. About 1:30 or 2:00 I look over at Lisa and she’s sleeping. Naps are good. I let her sleep, and figure this is a good time to get some practice in on my iRacing fetish.

Run time forward — It’s say 5:30 and I’ve destroyed about 10,000 fake cars. I come upstairs to find the living room is empty. I consider for a moment the idea that Lisa has left me for one of the thousands of better looking men in the world, but then realize that would never happen because … well … because. Besides, I see he shoes and socks are on the floor. I look around and finally find her outside, water running, sprayer in hand.

She has washed my car! Yay! And she has also removed the blatant advertisement decals that the car dealership had affixed to the back of my trunk–ads I despise, but just hadn’t taken the time to deal with. Lisa’s been into decals lately, and so she handled it.

Now I’ll be able to drive into work in a shiny car come Monday.

So, yeah, my wife is awesome.

But, then, I already knew that. 🙂

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