People Staring at Computers

I read this a few days back off someone’s Twitter feed. I can’t remember who, so sorry I can’t attribute it properly. It’s long, of course. But it’s interesting on a lot of levels–anything having to do with privacy and “hackers” (meaning anything done with computers and a sufficiently creative mindset) and the secret service is going to be, now, isn’t it?

I think this one raises above the norm, though, for it’s inclusion of the question of “what is art.” Can an action be art? Does art require anything beyond a statement? In this case, what part is art and what part is merely intrusion? Does it matter, and should it matter?

I don’t know that I’ve come to conclusions on these questions, but the piece makes me feel different things when I think of it in different ways, which, in itself is all kinda glorious in its recursive meta-ness now, isn’t it?

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