Crusher Jones

It’s definitely time to plug my bro a bit. Definitely. For those of you who are newish to ths place or those whose memory doesn’t hold onto a few very esoteric comments here and there that I’ve embedded in other posts in the ditant path, Jeff is a really great guitarist who set out west with his band to find fame and fortune back a … uh … few years ago. He found lots of success, though fame and fortune are relative, I suppose. Probably his most visible success is/was with Gabble Ratchet, a Genesis cover band.

Anyway, you might check out Crusher Jones. His stuff is this kinda cool mix of the whole progressive genre that’been smoothed out with a more modern sensibility. His guitar work is sublime, of course.

If you go to the site, listen to his freebie. For me it’s got a Genesis meets Phantom of the Opera feel to it. I also hear a little Queen in there every now and again.

If you’re in LA, I should point you to his September gig.

As you can see in his “Products Offered” page, ou can order his stuff (via paypal) by dropping him an email at

I suggest you do that.

He’s really quite good, you know?

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