Tim Pratt’s Impossible Dreams

I saw Tim Pratt linked to a short movie made of his Hugo winning story “Impossible Dreams,” It’s a really nice treatment of a great little story. Well worth the twenty minutes. The fact that it’s in a foreign language (for me!) and built in subtitles gives it an even better feel.


Moving into the last section of my novel rewrite/restructure. Assuming things go well, I’ll have much more to say about it in a week or three. This section is flowing pretty cleanly, which is always nice. The writing holds up, and the story still fits.

I’m thinking that this exercise of breaking a novel up into novella-length pieces is proving to teach me a lot of things about pace and story development. I’m pretty confident of my ability to put a short story together by now, but novel length work is still an awfully big scope for me. Breaking it into components has helped me ask some basic questions about how each element of the story is supported–where the load bearing portions of the story fit, to stretch a metaphor a bit.

Very interesting.

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