Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts on mostly non-writing, non-SF topics while sitting around at WorldCon.

1 – A newscaster yesterday described it as “ironic” that rescue workers in New Orleans are saving the same people after Isaac as they rescued after Katrina. I don’t find this ironic at all. I think people live where they live. Simple as that.

2 – I do find if ironic, though, that the only reported death as a result of Isaac to date is that of a rescue worker killed by a falling tree.

3 – Democrats want to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns, ostensibly to make fun of him for all his off-shore accounts that shelter his cash from our tax code. As long as he’s not doing something illegal, though, I think it seems only prudent that he use our tax laws to optimize his pile. Don’t you? I mean, I want a guy in office who is smart enough to find things that optimize his situation.

4 – On the other hand, Republicans give Obama a true reaming for his “you didn’t build that,” comment, but when Ryan says “your failure is not your fault. It is the fault of faulty leadership,” they give him a free pass. WTF? I mean, think about that.

5 – Mike Resnick is really a helluva interesting writer.

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