Restructuring, and the Return of the Count

I spent this morning’s writing time completing the basic restructuring of episode five based on my learnings of the past couple days. I definintely think the flow in the first third of the piece works better, though I think I have some more fine-tuning to do in the bottom third.

This one’s turning out to be a lot of fun.


On the reading front, my epic read of “The Count of Monte Cristo” has reached its two-thirds point. This is a big freaking book, and not how I ususally read. I’m starting to put more time into it here and there in a MASSIVE EFFORT TO GET’ER DONE.

Of course, I should note that while reading this I’ve also read another novel, and probably 40 short stories–not to mention two of my own books (yes, I’m cheating here and calling my pre-reads of each rewrite a reading stint).

So while, TCOMC is taking forever, it’s not like I’m totally dead in the water everywhere else. It just seems that way because I’ve set a few things off specifically because I’ll read them after this thing has passed.

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