2012’s Top Ten Typosphere Posts

So, you ask, just which of my golden-tongued posts this past year have drawn the most attention? I took a spin through the logs last night, and gathered the answer.

#1People Are Strange: A fun little discussion about the way people’s actions don’t match their words, and visa versa. It touches on wine and health care, so how much better can it get? None better! I guess that’s why it’s #1, and #1 by a very wide margin.

#2Eat Like a Gold Medal Winner: Nutrition, exercise, overeating, and balance. I suggest that your approach to food should not demonize anything outside of your context.

#3My Next Big Thing: A discussion of Paul Hoffman’s work, my own NaNoWriMo effort, and links to two of my fave writers.

#4Higgs, Good Luck Charm, 100 Riffs: Discovery of the Higgs, a tweet from God, and a guy who plays the hell out of a history of great guitar riffs.

#5Beasts of the Southern Wild: My review of what I think was an outstanding movie.

#6You’ve Got a Lot of Books, or Welcome to Our Version of Bookshelf Porn: A picture of our bookshelves, a discussion about physical and e-books, and a link to the Blogess’s much more interesting site.

#7Target Probably Knows More About Me than I Do: Wherein a discussion about Lisa and my process of making fitness a habit bumps into the Target marketing machine.

#8Tobias Buckell, the Role Model: Tobias becomes my hero, yet I am so unworthy.

#9Monkey’s, The Next New Market: A pair of talks that lead us throug the way a society seems to naturally fall into the use of a system of currency and barter, with some unexpected … uh … results. All in all, a pretty fun little post, if I say so myself.

#10Money, Meet Mouth: Wherein I back Vera Nazarian’s Kickstarter project. This makes me happy. I hope I helped.

And, since Lisa’s favorite number is 11, here’s a bonus entry:

#11Peer Pressure and Role Modeling: A discussion centered on how to best get a society of people to do the right things.

So, there we have it. It’s interesting to note the things that draw the most traffic–pure content, things that are, well, interesting. Interesting: Good, Personal Blather and Bluster: Not-So-Good (or at least not so click-worthy). Makes sense, eh?

I’m not sure I’ll do anything particularly different because of this little study, but it was fun, and if nothing else I’ve learned a little bit of something. Always good, right?

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