Wherein the Dominoes Fall Into Place

I’ve been working on a short story for the past several days with only limited success. I liked the start and the characters were there, but the story wasn’t crisp for me. So I found myself spending lots of time going back over what I had already written, starting over, mushing the story one way or another. I even spent an hour changing the POV, then changing it back to the original.

In other words, I was stalling.

This morning, the dam broke and in about thirty minutes of fiddling, I actually have the story outline I needed.

Sometimes it all happens right away, and stories just fall out. Other times I can hog tie the thing down and wrestle a story to the ground. But this was different. This was one of those cases where I felt the story there, but it just wasn’t going to come until it decided good and well that it was time.

I feel better, though. I can write this.

Won’t take long from here. [grin]

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