Resolution Check-in #1

Since we’re nearing the end of the month, I thought I would take a look at my New Year’s Resolutions. To remind, I made three of them.

  • Average over 20K steps a day
  • Write fiction every day
  • Read a short story every day

Today I’ll talk about he first one–personal activity.

Let me start by saying I was in a meeting earlier this week, and one of my co-workers asked how many steps I was up to, and then went on to relate the story of a guy who worked out every day and who recently keeled over of a heart attack. Let’s just say that I have a reputation. [grin]

I replied that that’s the differentce between statistics and the individual. Then we moved on.

For me, this staying fit is not about weight or not even about length of life (though they go hand-in-hand in the realm of statistics, which I admit I enjoy). But this staying fit is about quality of life, it’s about feeling good, and about staying sharp throughout the day. When I’m not moving, I getr tired in the afternoon. Simple as that.

Anyway…onto results this month.

Assuming my little pedometer is accurate, as of last night I had registered 540,962 steps in January. I know this thanks to my handy-dandy health miles program at the day job, for which I wear that pedometer momst all the time, and whic captures all my data. That 540K total grades out to 21.6K steps a day. So that’s a big checkmark.

My daily variation is quite large, ranging from a low of 7,457 steps (January 13th) and a high of 43,174 (January 2nd). Other than that 7k day, I’ve never been under 12,000 steps, and I’ve been at or over 30K two times in addition to the 43K day. My pedometer reads 19.2K today, and it’s 3:00 PM, so 20K is a given barring a broken ankle or something here really soon.

So, for now I’m reporting that I’m 1-for-1 on resolutions.

More on the next rock, perhaps tomorrow.

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