Treadmill Desk: Status Update

As I’ve noted in a few places, Lisa and I bought ourselves a pair of treadmill desks for our Christmas present. They arrived last week, and we started using them immediately. That means we’re moving into week two of our desktop treadmills, so I thought I would give you a bit of a report on how it’s going.

Bottom line: I would say they are a success. My numbers on the treadmill yesterday include:

  • Time: 5:39 (yes, that’s five hours and thirty-nine minutes)
  • Calories Burned: 1,082
  • Distance Walked: 11.45

Realize that’s just my time on the treadmill. It doesn’t include my 45 minute trip to the health club, or any of the other stuff I do throughout the day. All total, I topped 40K steps for the day. Of course, that’s a weekend day that included both a Louisville basketball game and a Super Bowl on the treadmill, complete with the 35-minute delay for the Niners to get their groove on. I don’t expect to get 5.5 hours on the tread every day. That said, I don’t think either Lisa or I have been under 20K steps a day. I find it’s fine for just about all kinds of typing, including writing–though I think I prefer the editing process here rather than raw creation.

There’s something about the steady rhythm of walking that seems to fit the editing mindset (especially the line-editing process)–which I was doing part of the time yesterday. Pretty much all of my real creation is still happening downstairs. I don’t find that I make any more typos while I’m writing.

One interesting fallout that I wasn’t expecting–I’m finding that when I do a half hour or more of light walking just prior to going to bed, I feel ready for sleep almost immediately. And I think I’m sleeping better. Probably too little sample size to say that with any surety.

Here are some details on the machine itself:

Make/Model: Lifespan DT-5
Max Speed: 4 MPH (I tend to walk at 2 MPH while typing, as I am now)

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