All Will Work Out in the End

I’m in what I expect to be the final dash for Episode 5, Lords of Existence. Now that I fully get it, I went back to the beginning this morning, and ran through the first half of it again (55-60 pages or so). I would like to get the second half done tomorrow morning, but knowing the back-end is still a little suspect, I imagine it will take two mornings.

Who knows, though? Maybe it will take three? Or maybe work will rise up and steal a morning, or maybe another project will wriggle in there somewhere. Maybe, as happened last night, I’ll need to do a quick pass on a copyedit for a story in the pipeline–one is actually due to pop up again pretty soon in the form of some work I’m planning on for “The Guardians of Chicago”–the short story slated to be included in Kerrie Hughes’s Hex in the City.

All I can say for sure right this moment is that I’ll use the time I have, I’ll hit the deadlines I need to hit, and all will work out in the end.

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