Busy Much?

As projected, I was side-tracked with a short story rewrite that took up a morning and a half of my time. This was “The Guardians a Chicago,” a story I expect to be in an anthology soonish. And it wasn’t a rewrite so much as it was a very detailed pass at the language of the piece. Based on the last two days, I think I’m through with that, though. Will read it one more time tomorrow and (ideally) away it will go.

As I sit here at my writing desk, I have a pile of paper in the middle that is are early drafts of the next couple episodes of the fantasy series, and there’s a map of the land, and a single-page, condensed network diagram of the plot lines these episodes will follow, and on the right side of my desk is a pile of short story manuscripts of things either in process or that are now complete and I need to file away or dump.

In the meantime, I’m also reading a friend’s WIP (novel) and have received a couple stories for the critique sessions I’ve agreed to do at a conference in April. Then, of course, there’s this thing called “real work,” or “the day job,” or … well, you get the drift.

In other words, it’s definitely busy.

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