Progress on Aisle Two

Besides watching two great basketball games this weekend (Go Cards!), I managed to get considerable work done on two projects. First, I finished a draft of a short story tentatively titled “Racing Against Time.” This is the collaboration with John Bodin I mentioned a few days back. It’s sitting back in his queue and we’ll see how he reacts to it in the next few days (grinning). Then I spent most of yesterday on episode six of my fantasy series.

It’s strange how things work out.

Earlier, I had removed a short story’s worth of work from the bulk of the piece, and it felt good. But this weekend I worked out all the kinks to the storyline, and realized I wanted it back in there–and (here’s the kicker) that the process of pulling it out and looking at the storyline without it (or looking at the short story line on its own) revealed to me a major plot point that I had just kinda glossed over.

It’s too late in the morning to complete it comfortably now, but I’ve jotted notes, and tomorrow I’ll come back and add it in. And I believe, insert gif of Ron knocking on virtual wood, the story will flow quite easily from this point on.

Time will tell, though. Time will tell.

And, uh, Go Cards!

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