Ep Six Nears the FInish Line

Another good morning sees episode six drawing near its end. The shape of it is done, though I still need to smooth the last 1-15 pages again. Then it will be time for the full read-through. Then it will be truly “done.” Except, of course, there’s the beta reading, and the copy editing.

This leaves only episode seven before I consider the full piece “done.” There may be more afterward. I have ideas. But I’ll let the first seven episodes carry the weight for a while and see what happens. So, as we move on to the last bits of the actual writing, I find myself peering occasionally at the decisions I’ll be making regarding how to progress toward market. Do I Indie it directly, as I had originally planned, or do I point to a small press and see what the options are? The Magic 8 Ball reads “Check Back Later.”

Much fun.

But, yeah, it will be good to move onto different things.

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