The Long-Delayed Resolution Update

It’s been a bit since I touched on my New Year’s Resolutions, and I know you are all pretty much putting your lives on hold as you wait to hear the status. So, hesitate no more–here is where I stand.

Resolution 1: Average more than 20,000 steps a day

Current Grade: A+

Commentary: I’m still kicking tail and taking names. It’s clear the treadmill desk has helped me stay on track as we spend probably two hours a night no them watching all the strange reality singing shows in the background while we work or whatever. Here is raw step data transposed from our Virgin Health Miles tracker:

Resolution 2: Average Read a Short Story Every Day

Current Grade: B-

Commentary: I’ve met neither the letter nor the full intent of the resolution. I give myself an A- through April, but May did me in. On the positive side, I’ve gotten two novels read, and I am probably making it through maybe four short stories a week. Must do better here. Perhaps I’ll make a new pass at doing my story of the month. That would be good.

Resolution 3: Write Fiction Every Day

Current Grade: A

Commentary: I was on a long run, then went to Germany, and then started back up again. Missed a day due to the early-morning bike-to-work event that I blogged about earlier. Can’t give myself an A+ because I’ve missed the target, but big picture, I’m right on track with operating as I need to.

Okay. There you go. You can now all return to your regular lives until next month.

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