Shadows of Episode Eight?

I’ve spent most of the morning reviewing episode six and seven, and trying to convince myself that I’m not in need of an episode eight.

It started when I asked myself what the driving point was for episode seven, and when I settled on what I thought it was, that led me to a bit of a different ending point than I had envisioned, which I interpret as saying I need more episodes.

The intention was that episode seven would bring us to a bit of an end-point, that the base story would be complete. It’s a fantasy world, though. So I suppose it could continue on forever. But the original concept was to be done in seven, so this thought pattern leaves me feeling a little cranky. Not that it should matter, but it does. How could I have been wrong?

Now, being the author, I get the final say, here. I could probably still make it happen in seven. But let’s not get too hasty. The characters and I do this thing where we figure things out in some strange fit of negotiation that always seems to work out, but can leave me wondering if I’m actually sane at times.


I guess we’ll just review it tomorrow and see where it comes out, eh?

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