Scaring the Beejeebies Outta Folks

There is a certain sense of humor inherent in scaring the beejeebies someone. It’s a sick sense of humor, of course, but (as long as it’s not you) it’s admittedly funny to see someone jump or scream or otherwise flip out in shock as they cringe. “America’s Funniest Videos” has made a 27 thousand year run based off this kind of humor, and Tom Bergeron is all the happier for it.

I mention this because I scared Lisa last night by accident.

I left the room, and then a few minutes later walked back into the room and saw she was walking on her treadmill. I wanted to talk to her, so I walked up and just stood there silently, less than a foot away as she walked. She stared intently at her computer screen, apparently finishing something before she would be ready to chat. So I just waited patiently, standing in place at her side. The treadmill was rolling, and the engine droning in its quiet kind of white noise. The TV was on in the background. Thirty seconds later it became obvious she wasn’t going to respond, so I said “Hey,” and hilarity ensued.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

After she got down off the treadmill and threatened to bash me roundly about the neck and shoulders, we laughed about it and moved on.

Until …

I went upstairs later to change out of my contact lenses, and as I walked out the bathroom and into the silent room, and then headed toward the stairs, my beloved, supportive wife burst open the closet door and yelled “Boo!” or some other such thing, and then … well … hilarity ensued once again (though I admit the hilarity was a bit lost on me this time because I was still busy swallowing hard and doing other things that I thought might get my heart out of my throat).

So, yes, there is a certain sense of humor to scaring someone. And, yes, it is sick.

Welcome to the infirmary. Hope you have a great laugh sometime today. [wicked grin]

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