Odds and Ends, and an Acceptance!

It’s been a busy weekend, starting with sending Brigid and Nick back off to Michigan after retrieving them from the airport and ending with a busy Sunday that included taking Lisa (who is recovering from foot surgery) someplace to get her hair washed and done up to the point where she feels kinda human again. In the meantime, here are a few interesting things I’ve got piling up.

In the category of “People don’t know what’s real even when they think they do,” here’s a link to a story that shows folks in Britain are wrong about a bunch of standard preconceived notions. (Note here that I assume most cultures would get these wrong).

Then there’s this fun little video that folks have been circulating as telling the hero’s journey with puppets. While it’s great, it’s not really the hero’s journey–it’s a listing of all the characters in a hero’s journey. Which is very different, and which therefore goes along with the theme of people not quite realizing that what they say is not what they think they are saying.

I found this piece about why Cananda is so great to be interesting–especially the data-based comparisons to the US. I would expect most in the US are unaware of these things, and would (naturally) get them wrong.

And, finally, I’m pleased to report that tonight’s email brings news that Misty Lackey and John Helfers have accepted my story “The Flying Contraption” for her second Elemental Masters Anthology. I’m guessing it will be published somewhere around December, but that’s just my guess right now. More to come, I’m sure. [grin]

Yay, me!

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