WotF and Galaxy’s Edge, and a Review

My Google collector brought me this nice little piece that appeared on WatchListNews. I suspect Mike actually met the other two guys at the WotF workshop, whereas I wrangled my way into that contest sometime after I had begun corresponding with him. Not that it matters at all. I found it interesting to see the numbers, though. 348 writers and 276 illustrators have wound their way through the workshop over the years. Add to that folks who went through the various Clarions and other workshops and you see why it’s such a “competitive” field.

Except, of course, the only real competitor we all have is ourselves.


I also note that Locus Online’s Lois Tilton has reviewed “Following Jules.” I think she liked it, though the commentary is fairly neutral. At least she seemed to get the point that I was focusing on in the telling and she stated it well, and at least she had none of the snarkyness that seemed to be leveled on a few others. So I’ll just interpret that in my own selfish best interest (he said, grinning).

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  1. I wanted to let you know I just finished reading “Following Jules”. I enjoyed it … well, maybe “enjoyed” isn’t quite the word, since the ending was a bit of a shock, but a good shock. It sure is making me think. Of course, I can’t quite believe Jules is dead, and I’m firmly dedicated to the hope that she’s just “in limbo”. As I imagine Jaime is. But the story has to end where it does, because Jaime doesn’t know either.

    Anyway what I’m trying to say is, well done and thank you.

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