I’ll Take It

More good stuff coming in about my novelette “Following Jules.” SFRevu says: This was a beautiful story about love.

I’ll take it. [grin]


Without going into specifics, it’s been a very long month. My pure output has dwindled, and I’ve lost momentum on the projects I had in the pipeline. Oh, it’s okay, of course. Everything will settle back in. But I admit I feel out of sorts at the moment. It takes longer to get into the swing of things, and I’m considerably easier to distract. Sigh.

These are the times I need to focus more, need to keep my mind on the target. I know this. I do. I’m doing all the right things. So it’s time to just breathe deep, think good thoughts, and ride this wave out. Everything will settle before I know it. Breathe. Just breathe.


That’s much better.

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