The Hardest Thing to Write

I’m very excited to note that the Third Flatiron Anthologies “Lost Worlds, Retraced” anthology is nearly ready to release. You can see the cover and the list of stories (including my own “Schrodinger’s Soldier”) at their website. I was especially pleased to see I was sharing the TOC with fellow Oregon Workshopper DeAnna Knippling, who I had the pleasure of meeting last spring.

I spent part of this morning fiddling with wording for a bio that will go with the story.

I chuckle a bit about this because just a few days back I was talking to Brigid about this. You remember Brigid has a new book out, right? [grin]. She was struggling to write high-concept stuff about both herself and the work. I chuckle today because I told her then that often the hardest things for me to write are back cover material and biographical material. So, as i wrote and rewrote this morning, and finally came up with something I thought didn’t sound too dorky, I was thinking about Brigid doing the same thing.

And that, too, made me smile.

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