A Title Arrives!

I’m slowly getting back into a more normal flow of things after a full week+ in San Antonio. For me, these things take time even in normal situations, but with Lisa still on limited duty, it takes TIME. This morning, however, I did manage to get back to some actual serious word creation. I’m working on Lord of the Freeborn, which is what the title is to the piece previously known as Episode Seven.

Yes, fans, we have actually committed title!

I’m so pleased.

* While we were at Worldcon, I had the chance to speak with Stephen Leigh for considerable time, a conversation wherein I mentioned that I had been working on “Episode Seven” for some time, and that meant that you could generally tell that I hadn’t figured out what the story was about because of its lack of title (can I run anymore phrases into this sentence?) I realized at that point, though, that I HAD ALREADY unearthed this story’s purpose, and it struck me that I’ve just not attempted to title it. So I stopped for 30 seconds and let my brain settle over the message of the story, and out popped “Lord of the Freeborn,” which I think is about perfect. Strange how that happens, eh?

I did write a bit while in San Antonio, but it’s always hard for me to put long stretches of words I like together while I’m at a con. Not sure why, since I can usually write in small stints in most other situations. So, while I managed progress while there, it wasn’t particularly satisfying

But we’re back to the flow now. And, keyboard crossed, with luck I may wrap up the first real draft of Lord of the Freeborn over the weekend.

Have a good one.

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