My FB Feed today brings me a link to this review of my story “Bugs” from Tangent Online. I strongly suspect that seeing “Recommended” as a final word in a review of my work will never get old. [grin]


“So, just what does a writer do?”

I’ve been getting that question a lot over the past couple days (for reasons that may become clearer here tomorrow or maybe Sunday … he says with an evil chuckle). “Do you just sit there and make things up, or what?”

And I say, “yep.”

At the end of the day, that’s the important stuff, anyway. And generally that’s the fun stuff. A few of the questions then go deeper. They want to know how you get work, does someone just give you a contract, or well, just how does it all work? That, of course, is where the answers start to get messy. “Yes, I say, sometimes–in a merciful world–an editor asks you for work. But other times you just do it and let it free and see what happens.”

This is when the person asking generally gets a strange look on their face and says something profound like, “huh.”

To which, I of course, agree.

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