Damn You, Story

Lord of the Freeborn, the serial previously known as Episode Seven, is now (I believe) in its final shape. This does not mean it is finished–that would be far too simple, now, wouldn’t it? It means only that all the basic pieces are there, and that it is now ready for its final pass. At the end of the day LotF will be far less complex than I had originally envisioned. Parts I loved needed to be cut. Other parts needed to be extracted for use in what will certainly be Episode Eight.

Yes, I’m more than fairly certain now that there will be an Episode Eight.

I’m tempted to say that’s because I am incapable of planning when it comes to this writing thing, but I know by now that this is just how it works sometimes. Plan all you like, the story whispers, but while you may start with one plan, I’ll make sure you wind up someplace completely different.

Damn you, story. Damn you for being so danged cool to work on. [grin]

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