Mar Pacifico

Interesting piece in this month’s Clarkesworld. “Mar Pacifico” is a short story by Greg Mellor that manages to be both a dystopian warning beacon and optimistic at the same time. I read it early yesterday, and have been thinking about it on and off for the last 24 hours. That’s a good thing, of course.

Mellor is an Australian who has published a bunch of interesting stuff.

You may like it, too, and if you do you might find Greg Mellor is someone you want to watch. His work just has the feeling about it, you know? So check it out.


Lord of the Freeborn, the notorious “episode seven,” is slowly giving in and winding down to its last days. When last I spoke, I had five things to accomplish with it, and I think I’m done with about three and a half. With luck, tomorrow or Thursday will see the last of the heavy lifting. If true, I’ll do one more breezy read to touch on language and other general issues of clunkiness, and then it’ll be done.

Praise the powers.

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