Wait For It

Sometimes the world is a wondrous place. Sometimes it reaches out and gives you presents. This weekend was one of those times. I’ll leave you hanging on the actual present until tomorrow, because I’m like that, I guess, but mostly because I want to get a picture of it to do it up right. Suffice to say that it was a very, very cool present the world handed me, and that certain friends of mine will be mega-jealous.

Anyway, we had a long, but most excellent weekend in the Detroit area, wherein we took in Brigid’s first signing and got to see her and Nick’s first house in mid-build stage. Here’s a picture of the place and the proud owners:

When we got back, I finished a short story. Kind of. And went to bed. It was late. Very late. But such is the hard life that I live.


Seriously, though. That present was pretty cool. Just wait.

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